Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nothing New

I have nothing new to say, nothing that has not already been said. The depths of a person have probably already been realized a million times. Profound depths of the inner soul of today's human being isn't much different from the human soul of 2500 years ago.

We aren't re-inventing the philosophical wheel here...

But today we have the blog. A public export and free publishing of one's inner soul. We could call a blog a public diary, or a public journal or a public confessional. A free publicized pamphlet of our own personal agenda. All of these titles apply.

Blogs are funny and entertaining. They unveil the truth of today's human condition. But mostly, they are sad and empty.

A blog can be light and airy and a place to express creativity. It can document one's life and developments. Or it can simply be a commentary.

My blog? So far, it is boring, and has no creative flare. But it comes from my heart, so it says something of who I am right now. Boring? No creative flare? I hope not. Just busy.... with life.

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