Friday, March 19, 2010

I Long for Heaven

As the Christmas song states, I long for a world where "everyone would have a friend, and right would always win, and love would never end..."

That's a simple summary of heaven. It's a song we hear NOW, during these times of severe sadness and public abuse. It sticks out when it plays on the radio, especially when minutes later after listening to this song, our society enters their living room or classroom for further indoctrination. Listening to this song at Christmastime undoubtedly echoes in the soul of everyone who hears it, because we are hard-wired to long for goodness.

So, hear is more of what I long for:

I long for a world where chastity is prevalent, and purity is revered.

I long for a world where children are protected from television, movies, and the entire destructive world of the media, where our minds are desensitized to lustful sex, violence, stupidity, mediocrity, voyeurism, manipulative entertainment, reality tv, and intended objectivism of women.

I long for a world where money is no longer the motivation for the promotion of good, or of evil.

I long for a world where all of these are not glorified, but rather are condemned.

I long for a world where children and teenagers are protected from the education system, from luke warm teachers proclaiming their personal agendas and their personal problems, the promotion of lies in the classroom, and the raping of our children's minds, their hearts and their souls by their adult mentors and their heroes in Hollywood.

I long for a world where real love is practiced, not a love fueled by the social justice that is proclaimed as hip by those in the public eye.

I long for REAL social justice.

I long for a world where most everyone is NO LONGER AFRAID to proclaim the truth.

I long for a world where the Truth is known and is triumphant.

I long for more patience and humility.

I long for a world that understands humility.

I long for true Love.

I long for a world where every human being reaches holiness, and for everyone to be filled with love realized through personal humility, service and gift.

I long to trust everyone because I can.

I long for chaos to be removed, and order to be restored.

I long.... for Heaven.


  1. I googled "longing for heaven", and your blog was the first result. Thank you, this is beautiful. Thank you for putting into words exactly what I feel is on my heart. :) God Bless you.

  2. Thank you, Kaitlyn, for stopping by. It must have been a bit of an epiphany moment when you found this, as I didn't have the same google results when I tried. It must've been meant to be that you read this. I'm grateful that you were touched and may God bless your new year.